Thursday, March 15, 2012

11 Questions to Discern a Judgmental Heart

From Mike Lee, Trevin Wax's pastor, on the "Judge not" Matthew 7 text:
1. Am I more likely to see the sin in others than my sin?  
2. When I pray, am I more likely to pray for God’s judgment on others rather than marvel at God’s amazing grace toward me?  
3. Am I overly critical toward others while I give myself a pass or an excuse and justify my own sin?  
4. Does my own sin ever lead me to deep remorse and repentance?  
5. Do I have people whom I allow to hold me accountable for my sin and unforgiving heart?  
6. Do I have a tendency to be unforgiving while expecting others to forgive me quickly?  
7. Do I find joy in exposing sin in others?  
8. Do I find more joy in the “gotcha” moments of exposing sin or in sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ?  
9. When others see how I deal with people, will they think God is mighty to save or that God would never forgive them and there is no hope for forgiveness?  
10. Do I receive correction humbly?  
11. Before I correct others, do I spend time in God’s Word and prayer asking the Holy Spirit to expose my sin so that I might repent?

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