Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sovereign Grace Music - Psalms (and Other Music Recommendations)

I'm a huge fan of Sovereign Grace Music. They've released a ton of CDs and keep coming out with more. Great music, amazing, bible-based lyrics...God-glorifying worship. They have a new CD called Psalms that will be released at the WorshipGod 08 Conference in August. Also, check out the NA Band's CD Looked Upon (this is the band that led worship at the New Attitude Conference my wife and I attended...amazing stuff).

A sneak preview showing the vocalists, including John Reilly from the band Reilly (one of my new favorite bands):

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Bo Lotinsky said...

Thank you for linking to our music site - it's appreciated since we depend on sites like yours to get the word out about Sovereign Grace Music.

Here's some news - you're the first to know. We are now able to accept pre-orders. Anyone who wants to get in line for the new Psalms album only need to go to our store and search for it.

Bo Lotinsky

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