Friday, April 4, 2008

My Pride and God's Glory

I need to confess at the start of this post. This will be very prideful. Pride is a sin I struggle with, but I hope you'll permit me this once to be very prideful and boast for a minute...

While I whole-heartedly admit my bias, I must unequivocally state that my wife, Leah Robbins, is the greatest photographer on the face of the planet...ok, that's just silly because I don't know every photographer on the face of the planet, but she truly is amazing and talented. Her business, Leah Robbins Photography, specializes in weddings, but she also does portraits of families, children, babies, etc.

Her website is here for you to see for yourself: Like I said, I'm biased, but the results of her talent are not. You can also keep up with her work on her blog here:

I believe that God gives us talent in order to glorify Him through that talent. Leah does this. Her creativity reflects the creativity of the Creator. Her camera and God-given eye portrays his creation in a way that captures a small part of the glory He instilled in that creation to point us to Him. He created people, emotions, families, love, children, light, shadows, etc. Leah's pictures evoke a feeling of wonder that can only come from beholding God and what He has made.

Thanks Leah, for allowing me to see a reflection of God in your work and for doing it in a way that only serves to glorify Him even more. You are amazing.

Here a link to probably my favorite slideshow she's put together. My sister, Jen, recently had her 2nd child, A.J. and Leah was there, documenting the birth and capturing the grace given us in A.J.

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