Friday, April 4, 2008

Gotta love April...'s been raining pretty much 2 months straight. The ground is so water-logged that flooding has become a real issue in Ohio this year. But what does all this rain really mean? It's means it's April. And what does April mean?


That's right, Leah is disappointed now because she has now lost her husband to the Atlanta Braves until October (hopefully October, that is). Now I hesitate to use the word "obsessive," but I just can't really think of another word with a less-negative connotation to describe my relationship with the team (albeit a relationship they don't know they're in and don't really reciprocate...). "Devoted," maybe? Nope, not strong enough honestly.

My Atlanta Braves (ay, they're mine...) are off to a slow 1-3 start, but neither that nor the torrential downpour can dampen my spirits. We're getting back on track this year after 2 sub-Atlanta Braves seasons. No Mike Hampton injuries, Bobby Cox ejections, or Jeff Franceour first pitch groundouts to shortstop are going to stop us. Neither will Johan Santana, David Wright, Ryan Howard, or Chase Utley. Or Billy Wagner, Carlos Beltran, Jimmy Rollins, or Cole Hamels. Wait, we are going to win the NL East, right?

Of course we are. We're going 159-3, right? Seems like that's what baseball fans expect of their teams. Are those expectation unrealistic? Or am I too "devoted"?

(Just to clarify, Leah never takes 2nd to baseball for least not purposely. Besides, she has an unashamedly devoted crush on John Smoltz anyway.)

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